Stefan Ponce & Friends Grammy Nomination party ft. Logic

FIRST! Congratulations to our brother STEFAN PONCE for his two 2015 Grammy Nominations with Childish Gambino, one for Best Rap Performance for "3005" and Best Rap Album for "Because The Internet". Stefan has been hosting his monthly party at East Room Chicago in Logan Square for 4 months now and each time the love from Chicago has been in full effect, this month was no different!

To see all the friends yesterday who have been there for Stefan since the start was amazing. Shout out to Miranda for putting together all the awesome details that transformed a logan square bar into a Grammy environment red carpet and balloon drop and all, Lamby for holding down the filming, Churo for the flyer, East Room for letting us enjoy ourselves no holds bar, DJ Iggy for being awesome in starting the night off with his DJ set, Greg "Stix" for always being turnt up, Logic and DJ Rhetorik and the fam for stopping by after their performance and Stefan for being another hero for Chicago to be proud of! FRIENDSHIP!

BIG LOVE Larissa aka @AllSweetEverything for bringing the super rad surprise BAPE cake for Stefan!! It came out sooo cold!

Stefan Ponce and Friends 12/26/14

Another year of accomplishments to celebrate is all done. I started the year of 2014 with the people I hold closest to my heart, my friends, and finished the year with those same exact people. To close out the last Friday of 2014, Stefan had his second party with "Stefan Ponce and Friends" at East Room in Logan Square and the it was the perfect way to end the last weekend.

"Homie's Help Homies" pretty much became the mantra for the cities collective artists in Chicago and this party was the definition of that. That night, Chicago comedian Hannibal Buress came out and pretty much probably did his first DJ set ever alongside with Stefan. It was pure gold.

The homies Peter Cottontale and Stix held it down with Chance coming by during one song and getting into it. Iggy came through and stole your girl with his misc. bangers that he always be finding out of nowhere.